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Filing A Texas Homeowners Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

We Can Make Your Insurance Claims Process Easy.

As a result of experiencing roof damage, you may be wondering how to proceed with your insurance claim for roof repairs or replacements. We can assist you throughout the full insurance claims process. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the roofing industry, we make the task of replacing or repairing your roof simple.

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Here Are The Steps on How to File an Insurance Claim for Your Damanged Roof.

STEP 1: Find a reputable roofing company in your local area. Hi! Stronghold here! We're local.

Finding trustworthy roofers in your area can be a difficult task. Because Houston is home to a large number of roofers, doing your homework is essential. Remember that big-name companies aren't always the best choice. When replacing or repairing your damaged roof, choosing a local and family-owned roofing company ensures the quality of the work. As local roofers, we can assure you that we are honest, upfront, and work hard to get you the best value possible.

STEP 2: Get your roof inspected. We offer FREE inspections!

You won't have any trouble getting an inspection done on your roof. Simply give us a call, and we'll be there the SAME DAY! Yes, we do same-day roof inspections! The best part is that you don't have to pay anything. You may be asking why a roof inspection is free. The answer is simple: we are confident that we can locate the source of the problem, present a competitive repair or replacement estimate, assist you during the claims process, and complete the job swiftly and properly the first time. You will save thousands of dollars in the long run if you replace or repair your damaged roof now.

STEP 3: Temporary covers or tarping to protect the inside.

Have your roofing professionals 

We are the first point of contact

Storm damage to qualify wind or hail

ask for policy paperwork, show damage we call insurance on speaker phone, 

within 24-48 hours with adjuster, we will meet. if he doesn't;t fin we will show, we are there to represent you and adjuster 

we take every single bit of headache. agreement forms, give us ability to talk to insurance directly.

we look overestimate, a lot of insurance companies leave stuff out, we are double-check

if you have never seen claim its confusing, we know what should be paid for, we can get siding, gutters, fencing, included

STEP 4: Start the Claims Process with Stronghold

We are a roofing company that assists in the entire roof insurance claims process, from start to finish. From making sure your claim is initially submitted correctly and following up multiple times to make sure it goes through, we have you covered. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and plays a vital role in protecting the interior from the elements. When you need to get a claim done, use Stronghold Restoration & Roofing to assist you throughout all phases of the process. Contact us today to help expedite your roof replacement insurance claim.

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