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Residential Roofing Service in Clear Lake, TX

A roof needs regular maintenance to keep it in operating condition. A damaged roof is a main concern for any property owner. Your roof protects your home, your family and belongings. Routine maintenance is like an oil change for your car. It keeps the roof in optimal condition. Neglecting minor roof repairs can turn into major repairs. Not only will you spend more, you'll also put your home at risk.

New residential roofing in Clear Lake, TX

How To Prevent Roof Damage

  • Take care of problems when they occur

  • Replace missing shingles immediately

  • Regularly clean your gutters

  • Inspect your attic

  • Trim your trees

  • Add insulation

  • Ventilate your roof

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Storms: You may need a complete roof replacement after a severe storm, or recurring storms. Hurricane season can cause some serious damage. Be sure to get a roof inspector out as soon as possible. It's best to have a professional check for any cracks, dents, breakage or missing shingles. *All of Houston and surrounding areas experienced a winter storm recently! Call us to schedule a roof inspection! Your roof may be damaged, even if you can't see it!*

Too little too late: If a roof has been neglected without proper repair, it may be past the point of "no return". Getting a new roof is a big investment, but our team will walk you through every step in getting what's best for you and your budget. Be sure to maintain your new roof so it can live out it's full lifespan.


Renovations: It may just be time to renovate your house. A roof replacement can completely change the appearance and raise the property value of your home.


Roofers You Can Trust

You can depend on our team to provide honest, high-quality service. We're equipped to handle all of your storm-related repair needs.

When you need fast high-quality repairs, we'll be there. We stand behind our work. Our customers come first!

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