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Some of The Most Common Roof Issues That Homeowners Should Know About

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Roof is one of the most important parts of your house. It gives you shelter from the outside environment and allow you to relax comfortably in your abode. That is why it is essential to make sure that your roof stays in solid condition. Often homeowners make the mistake of ignoring small leaks or cracks in their roof, which prove costly to them in the future. Those seemingly small issues in your roof can turn into bigger problems if not inspected in time. The good news is, there are experienced roofing contractors online that you can get in touch with to get your roof properly inspected. With their assistance, you will be able to keep your roof in top condition.

It is good to be aware of issues that might arise in your house’s roof. In this blog, we will tell you some of the most common roof issues. If you notice any of the below-mentioned issues in your roof, make sure you contact certified roof contractor to get the issue fixed immediately.


One of the most commonly faced roof issues are leaks. Leaks occur when moisture builds up under the layers of your house’s roof. The chief cause of roof leaks are harsh weather conditions such as snow, strong winds, or rain. When your roof gets exposed to severe weather conditions repeatedly, its shingles can get broken and the flashing can get cracked. And although roof leaks can occur in any area of the roof, they most occur close to the chimneys, gutters, vents, and valleys. After a storm or any type of harsh weather condition, we will advice you to get your roof inspected by experts to be sure about its condition.

Broken Shingles

It is advised that if part of a shingle is missing, you should consider changing the entire thing as quickly as possible. Shingles can get damaged due to different reasons. If they are not assembled or nailed on the edges properly, for instance, the risk of experiencing issues goes up for shingles. Apart from that, harsh weather conditions can also cause damage to the shingles. High winds are especially known for opening up metal flashing, which makes the roof exposed to more damages. One important thing every homeowner should do is ensure there is enough ventilation around the roof. Doing this will make sure that moisture doesn’t enter inside a shingle.

Damaged Flashings

One of the main purposes of flashings is to stop water from making its way to parts that are sensitive to moisture. It is used as a seal in areas such as chimneys, air conditioning systems, and vent pipes to prevent them from seeping into your house. In most cases, flashings do not require repair jobs as long as they are installed correctly the first time. But if a roofing contractor does a poor job with nailing flashings, then they can come off easily after a storm or high winds.

Decayed Soffit or Fascia Boards

When your roof is installed, it is the job of the roof contractor to make sure that key things such as guttering, fascia boards, and soffits are arranged and placed in such a way that water flows out of your house in a safe manner. Improper installation and extreme weather conditions can cause damage to these parts of your roof. For instance, if ice or water accumulates, soffit boards or fascia can experience disruption and break away from the main structure. Over time, they can rot and develop a hole, which needless to say, gives easy access to squirrels and birds. One of the best ways of ensuring that water flows smoothly out of your roof is using top-quality roofing products. Also, applying a special coating can stop rotting to a certain degree.


Another thing that is common with many residential roofs is splitting, which is shifting or changing of the roof according to the climate. For instance, it is quite common for shingles to expand under warm conditions. Once they expand too much, splitting occurs as a result. And when shingles start touching each other due to expansion, the risk of a warped roof goes up considerably. A top roofing contractor can ensure that warping does not occur on your roof by placing shingles in such a way that they are not too close to each other but at the same time not too separated from each other. Also, they ensure shingles are fixed tightly so that they do not crack when expanding under warm conditions.

These were some of the most common roof issues. If you are dealing with any of these issues, you can get in touch with Stronghold Restoration & Roofing. We are a known roof company in Webster, TX that can help you install, repair, and replace both residential and commercial roofs. We also do gutter installation and fence installation for your pool and yard enclosures. To know more about our services in detail, feel free to call us at 713-553-9231

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